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Transmission • General Maintenance • Steering • Suspension • Brakes • Fuel • Ignition • Timing
Cooling System • Air Conditioning • Diagnostics

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The Acclaim in-house transmission facility specializes in vintage and performance transmissions tailored to your car or truck. At Acclaim we also have full capabilities to change your transmission from stick shift to automatic and even upgrade to one for mileage performance. We are simply the best in the field at diagnosing and adjusting all automatic transmissions from 1946 to pre 2000 and are ready to get you back on the road today.

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Air Conditioning

Acclaim Collector Car services all car and truck A/C systems. We can repair original systems or install a modern and more efficient system. If your car has never been equipped with A/C, we can design and install a completely new system to take you comfortably through summer.

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Cooling System

Whether it’s a truck, 4x4 or car, an engine that runs to hot or cold will dramatically shorten the life of the engine and transmission. Whether repairing or designing a cooling system, we will make sure you have the proper system for your specific vehicle.

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Maintenance is not a repair. It does however prevent premature failure of major components with prescribed and regular checks in order to avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs. The older and more equipped a vehicle is, the more service will be required. Only a seasoned mechanic can see what is needed to keep your car safe and running properly.

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Choosing a Repair Facility

• Honesty is important, but not enough
• Knowledge is key for accurate diagnosis and repair
• How long has business been at current location
• Know datasource for specifications and labor time
• Is facility clean and organized, including tools
• What is the office like where you are doing business
• Can you talk to the tech working on your vehicle
• What type of parts are going on your vehicle
When you find the best shop, you will save a lot of time, money and aggravation!

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Ready to take your car to the next level? Depending on the level of work you desire, we have teamed up with local specialty shops in the body, paint and upholstery field who are able to work with us every step of the way to restore your collector car from the ground up. Whether customization or factory original we will help you navigate the process with ease.

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Engines and all the supporting components can make or brake your ride. We have carefully chosen several local machine shops to partner with and can either build your engine in-house or have one built and installed for you. In addition, choosing the right fuel, ignition and cooling system is paramount in completing your power plant package.

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Suspension • Steering • Brakes

The suspension, steering and braking systems were engineered to work in unison. Any modifications to the original system can compromise the system, leading to unsafe conditions or premature failure of components. Repairing or upgrading original systems demands careful attention to detail and careful planning.

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