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Vintage Pontiac Repair & Service

Pontiac Repair and Service

In 1926, Pontiac was introduced as a new brand by General Motors, quickly becoming a popular American automobile manufacturer. Pontiac cars were known for their powerful engines, stylish designs, and affordability, making them a top choice for American drivers. The company produced many iconic models, such as the Pontiac GTO, the Firebird, and the Grand Prix. Pontiac vehicles featured innovative designs and engineering, and in 1932, they introduced the first inline eight-cylinder engine in a low-priced car.


At Acclaim Car & Truck Repair in Scottsdale, we specialize in the maintenance and restoration of classic Pontiac cars. Our team of experienced technicians and comprehensive inventory of replacement parts allow us to handle all your maintenance needs, from routine tasks like oil changes and brake inspections to more complex services such as engine overhauls and bodywork. We understand the significance of these vehicles and are committed to preserving their iconic status. You can rely on us to help your beloved Pontiac retain its classic status.

Some of the Pontiac Models we Work on Include:

  • Pontiac Series 6-27
  • Pontiac Series 6-30
  • Pontiac Series 602
  • Pontiac Series 26
  • Pontiac Deluxe
  • Pontiac Torpedo
  • Pontiac Streamliner
  • Pontiac Chieftain
  • Pontiac Star Chief
  • Pontiac Bonneville
  • Pontiac Tempest
  • Pontiac Catalina
  • Pontiac Grand Prix
  • Pontiac GTO
  • Pontiac Firebird
  • Pontiac LeMans
  • Pontiac Ventura
  • Pontiac Sunbird
  • Pontiac Phoenix
  • Pontiac Fiero
  • Pontiac Grand Am

Pontiac was a well-known American automobile manufacturer that produced high-quality cars for many years. The brand was always at the forefront of automotive technology, creating vehicles that were stylish, high-performing, and dependable. If you are a proud owner of a Pontiac, Acclaim Car & Truck Repair in Scottsdale can provide you with top-notch service to keep your cherished car in excellent condition.


Our team of highly skilled technicians uses advanced diagnostic tools to quickly and accurately identify and fix any issues your vehicle may encounter. We take great pride in our efficient repair processes, ensuring that you can safely hit the road with your newly serviced Pontiac. Trust us to keep your Pontiac in exceptional condition. Acclaim Car & Truck Repair is your ultimate choice for all your Pontiac service needs.