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'On the road again--'

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1923 Dodge Brothers Tourer, Ready To Roll!

Studies Show - Regular Maintenance Is A Must For Old Cars

Perhaps you are wondering why all of a sudden you are getting an email newsletter from Acclaim?


1900 - 1989


General Maintenance

 Maintenance is not a repair. It does however prevent premature failure of major components with prescribed and regular checks in order to avoid expensive and unnecessary repairs

Steering, Suspension & Brakes

The suspension, steering and braking systems were engineered to work in unison. Repairing or upgrading original systems demands careful attention to detail and careful planning.

Fuel, Ignition & Timing

If your car has been sitting for a long period of time with fuel in it, don’t try and start it. Starting a car with bad fuel can lead to more costly repairs.

Cooling System

Whether it’s a truck, 4x4 or car, an engine that runs to hot or cold will dramatically shorten the life of the engine and transmission.

Air Conditioning

We can repair original systems or install a modern and more efficient system.


If you are unsure of the issue that is where we come in. We will find it for you and before we set out to do the work, we will let you know what we found. 

What's All This?

No, we are not going to bombard you with junk mail, but we do think an occasional email newsletter is a valuable way to communicate with you on what we are doing and the advancements we are making at Acclaim Collector Car + Transmission to serve all your classic car needs even better.

All that said, this is the perfect time to introduce Michelle Buck, who joined the Acclaim team 2 years ago as the office manager. Initially, Michelle thought she would simply be the one and only pretty face that would give each of you a warm welcome, but she soon found herself assisting in the bays and under the lifts manhandling a transmission or two. Go Michelle!

We would also like to introduce Dave Buck, yes there is a relation to the aforementioned Michelle, who recently joined Acclaim as a partner and masterful gear head! Welcome Dave!

Yes it’s true, we work on these too. And this 1923 Dodge Brothers Touring Sedan is in the shop for some TLC, and few new parts.

According to, The Dodge Touring car got its first big test as a military vehicle in 1916, when General John J. Pershing took six Dodges on his harsh expedition into Mexico while pursuing the outlaw, Pancho Villa.

Today however this 1923, with its L-Head, four-cylinder, 25 horses, 12-volt generator, pressurized fuel system,  2-wheel braking system and 32X4 tires is getting ready for a harsh expedition into the urban jungle of Scottsdale and beyond.

Mustang Mania

Own a Mustang? Acclaim is the go to shop for all your mechanical restoration and customization needs.

Currently we have three Mustangs in the shop for veracious levels of service and customization work. In particular we are finalizing a significant drivetrain overhaul on a 1967 Mustang which included the addition of A/C, a conversion from carboration to fuel injection, and a complete inspection and reseal of the motor and transmission.

From consulting to conclusion, we will walk you though the many and various options available to get your collector car back on the road of fun.


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